1. Eligibility: Artists must be residents of Uki and surrounds.
  2. All artwork must be the original work of the Artist.
  3. ‘Artist of the Month’: one Artist each 6 week period will be exhibited at Art Post Uki. This is to ensure the best possible showing for each Artist.
  4. It is the philosophy of Art Post Uki that Artist/s show as Artist of the Month. However, if two Artists have an idea for a complementary exhibition of works, that will be considered. For example, a ceramic Artist might like to show with a painter, or two painters who are working in a similar style/theme might like to show together. However, no more than two Artists will be considered for a single exhibition.
  5. The Opening will be on a Thursday evening every 6 weeks. Artworks must be delivered the day prior to your exhibition opening.
  6. The size of the space offered will determine how many works the Artist may show. The wall space is H 2.4 metres x W 4.4 metres. Provision may be made for 3D work.
  7. All 2D works must be ready for hanging, suitably framed or matted. Framed works must have D rings attached securely 6 cm from the top of the back of the work. Matted works must be fitted so that it can be hung from the gallery system hooks, or whatever works for that piece. Art Post Uki uses the “Gallery System” to exhibit work. If an artist has special needs for display please let us know.
  8. All works must have a label attached to the back of each artwork detailing the Artist name, artwork title and medium used.
  9. Artists must provide a complete list of all works to be exhibited which will be checked and signed by Art Post Uki and returned to the artist as a receipt.
  10. Artists must provide a list of artworks with prices, titles and mediums used and their contact information. Prices must include 25% gallery commission which will then be deducted from the sale price of the work.
  11. Art Post Uki will exercise all reasonable care in handling the artworks submitted. Art Post Uki will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to work while in its care. Insurance is the responsibility of the Artist.
  12. Art Post Uki reserves the right to video or photograph works for publicity and advertising.
  13. Art Post Uki reserves the right to not exhibit any work deemed to be unsuitable due to its subject matter, quality or copyright infringement.
  14. The Artist assumes all responsibility for his or her work after sale – for example, if a buyer is not happy with a purchase for whatever reason.
  15. Art Post Uki will produce a catalogue and invitations, undertake to label and attribute the work and collaborate with the Artist to display the work to its best advantage.
  16. Art Post Uki will help to plan and promote each event along with receiving payments for sales. All payments methods (except cheque) are accepted including American Express. Art Post Uki does not charge a surcharge for these payment methods. Monies for sold works will be paid by Direct Deposit to the Artists nominated account. The Artist is required to invoice Art Post Uki at the closure of the exhibition, for the works sold minus the 25% gallery commission.